Air Fryer – Oil Free – 3 Liters Capacity – 1300 Watts – 3.2 QT

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– Up to 200 ⁰ Celsius cooking

– Dishwasher safe parts

There is a set of convection fan system which is utilized to flow the air around providing you crispier and much faster food
The air fryer has a capability of 3 liters through a basket for frying up your preferred treats and foods with ease and with less time taken in
The air fryer is actually simple to tidy up and fast along with it is non-stick which indicates that the surface areas do not connect themselves to the food
You can formulate to 200 ⁰ Celsius, and the fryer turns off instantly once the cover is raised
The fryer basket and basket separator are dishwashing machine safe, which enables fast and simple cleansing of the air fryer