Tribest SW-2020 Slowstar Vertical Cold Press Juicer & Mincer

$312.89 (as of December 13, 2017, 4:15 pm)

The Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer has a low speed of 47 RPM which avoids oxidation and protects the live enzymes, nutrients, and essential vitamins destroyed by friction or heat. The 200 Watt motor and 3-stage speed reduction gears produce the comparable quantity of torque as a 9 HP motor, preventing jamming and delays. The Duoblade Double-Edged Auger develops a double cut, doing twice as much work compared to a traditional auger.

Greater Torque– The Slowstar’s effective 200 Watt motor and 3-stage speed reduction prevent jamming by producing 30 ft. pounds. of torque, which is more than 2-4 times the crushing force produced by other slow juicers. At such a low RPM, it’s vital that enough torque is created to squash through hard vegetables such as carrots, or fibrous veggies such as celery. Not only does greater torque avoid jamming and unnecessary delays, it lowers overall stress on the machine and takes 3 times less quantity of time to juice your favorite dishes

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Unlike other slow juicers, the Duoblade double-edged auger does twice the work of single edged augers. The Duoblade quickly cuts and squashes your produce while producing higher yields with less pulp in the juice. It’s also made of Ultem, which is 8 times more powerful than low-cost plastics utilized in other slow juicers.

Powerful and effective 200 WATT MOTOR – 3-stage reduction equipments produces torque 2-3 times greater than other vertical masticating juicers so there is less jamming and more juicing
Practical and easy to use JUICE CAP – Control the juice circulation during juicing so you can quickly change containers, premix juice, and stop spillage by opening or closing the cap